Where to Find the Best Premium Cigars at Discount Prices

With the holiday season already in full swing, it’s about that time to start thinking about what gifts you’re going to get for your loved ones. Each year, it seems more difficult than the last to get a unique gift that you know your family or friends will love and actually enjoy.

For the avid cigar smoker in your life, finding a gift surrounding their favorite hobby may also be equally as challenging. If they are seasoned cigar lovers and smokers, then they probably already have a great selection of cigars and tobacco products in their collection. This year, you can wow them by gifting them the best premium cigars at discount prices.

Now, you have the issue of where to actually find, browse, compare, and purchase these high-quality discount cigars. This time of year is also a great way to support local and small businesses because right now they need all the support they can get.

Rocky’s Cigars is just the place to get premium, affordable cigars that even the most avid or particular cigar smoker would love. They have a great and diverse selection of cigars and cigar accessories to choose from. No matter what origin or type of tobacco they like to smoke, Rocky’s Cigars will have it in their inventory.

Here, you will be able to narrow down the best quality and affordable cigars to meet all of your cigar-loving family and friend’s needs.

Top Premium Cigars at Discount Prices

1. My Fathers Cigars 
This brand of cigars made by Pepin Garcia is the most traditional type of Cuban cigars on the market. These special cigars feature all the typical characteristics of a Cuban cigar like the entubado bunching and the triple caps used at the top of each and every cigar. This style of cigar allows for great amounts of complexity and a long and smooth finish with each drag of smoke.

2. Acid Krush Classic 
These unique cigars will definitely surprise even the pickiest cigar aficionados. Using a blend of herbs, essential oils, and the finest botanical ingredients, these cigars are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Featuring a long-filler of Nicaraguan tobaccos, these cigars will give extra pizzazz to your next smoking experience.

3. Flor De Oliva Gold Bundles
Cigars from Flor De Oliva are the most premium cigar but at an affordable price. This brand of cigars has a commitment to the best quality for their customers. They understand the need for the most smooth and good tasting cigars, so that’s what they provide. In them, are a Jalapa Valley long filler tobacco combined with the golden Connecticut-seed wrapper. Your family or friends will be able to taste the difference in these cigars due to their woodsy, rich tobacco flavor that everyone can enjoy.

4. Tatuaje Brown Label 
The cigars from this brand will be sure to knock anyone’s socks off. Pete Johnson wanted to bring the flare of a Cuban-style cigar to the US market, and he did just that. You can be confident that the tobacco in these cigars is top quality. Tatuaje Brown Label uses first-generation Cuban seed grown in Nicaragua, then rolled by hand in the Pepin’s Little Havana cigar factory right in Miami.

No matter which cigar you decide to purchase for your loved ones, make sure you purchase them from Rocky’s Cigars. Their passion and drive to provide great quality cigars and cigar accessories always come first. You can count on their incredible customer service and cigar knowledge.

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