Where to Go on a Summer Vacation in India with Family?

India is a beautiful holiday destination to visit. India offers some of the best views around this world; not only does India have awesome views to offer by visiting India, but you can also witness one of the oldest traditions and cultures of this world. Experience one of a kind delicious and unique food that you will get nowhere else. See the wide range of diversity of India by visiting the different parts of this beautiful country.

If you visit India during the summers, I would recommend North India tours to you as in the rest of India. The temperature is quite high during the summers. Hence, a trip to the northern hilly parts of the country is a fantastic idea.

There is a large range of options available if we talk about North India Tour Packages. North India is a magical place on earth with beautiful mountains and nice cool weather during all months of the year. It is a great destination to plan a family vacation.

Here are some tips regarding how to plan a budget-friendly and safe summer Vacation to North India-

  • Tour agents in India- while selecting a tour agent, you should stay careful and check their reviews to find out if they are genuine or not.
  • You should select a budget-friendly tour package.
  • You should choose a good mode of transportation for your tour; you should choose a transportation method that is convenient and comfortable for your family.

Now if you are planning to pay a visit to North India here are some beautiful places I would recommend you to pay a visit-

  1. The Himalayan Nature Park, Shimla is a beautiful zoo located in Kufri, Shimla. It’s known for its exquisite collection of Himalayan species like snow leopard and brown bears. An awesome place to visit for a family, your kids can learn more about the marvellous Himalayan wildlife by visiting this beautiful zoo and at the same time, you too can see some of the most beautiful creatures of this world.
  2. Rohtang Pass Located 51 km away from Manali, lies this beautiful mountain pass of Rohtang covered in all directions from ice. It would be a once in a lifetime kind of journey where you will see beautiful glaciers, enormous mountain peaks and breathtaking sceneries which will just be stuck. In your memories, such is the beauty of this beautiful mountain pass.
  3. Golden Temple located in the beautiful city of Amritsar is the golden temple, the holiest site of Sikhs. When you visit this sacred site, your heart will enjoy peace; the feeling is hard to describe in words. It’s a must-visit place.

After reading this article, if you plan to spend your summers in India, I would like to recommend India by Car and Driver to you. They are an excellent travel agency approved by the tourism ministry of India that has custom-made tailored tour packages to provide you with the best experience you can have on a budget.

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