Which Bank Gives the Highest Interest on FD for Senior Citizens?

Senior Citizen Fixed Deposits (FDs) are the most profitable investment vehicles for anyone over 60. Leading banks provide these term deposit plans with exceptional FD interest rates. FDs provide perks, including consistent returns, loans, and tax breaks. Individuals who invest in a Senior Citizen fixed deposit may live their post-retirement years stress-free.

When you reach old age, your regular sources of income begin to dwindle. At this point in your life, the cash you’ve amassed over the years may help you live a financially secure and pleasant existence. Fixed deposits are considered one of the most significant investment vehicles for older adults since they are safe and may generate a consistent income. Several banks and NBFCs provide the highest fixed deposit interest rates for older adults.

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a government-backed tax-saving plan provided by the post office. An SCSS scheme calculator helps determine the value of one’s SCSS investment and the interest generated on it after the investment period.

Who should put money into an SCSS investment scheme?

The SCSS plan is for retired older adults. Because this plan qualifies for tax exemption, investors searching for tax-advantaged investment opportunities may participate in it. The government supports this senior citizen program. As a result, the returns are assured and calculated using the SCSS scheme calculator. This program is suitable for those seeking a stable, consistent income from their assets. However, to invest in this plan, one must fulfil the qualifying requirements. The SCSS scheme calculator helps to calculate the maturity amount.

How to Get the Best Rates on Senior Citizen FDs

While the senior citizens receive the maximum interest rate in FDs, some hacks can help you get the best rates. 

You can increase your return on investment.

Almost all banks provide the highest FD interest rates to older people. So, if a standard FD investor receives a 6.8% p.a. interest rate on their fixed deposits, elderly folks might get 7.05% p.a., depending on the bank. If the deposit is large, the returns may be higher, mainly if the investment is fully secure.


Different payout alternatives are available.

Aside from offering the best interest rates for elderly adults, banks also provide a variety of payout choices from which you may choose based on your needs. For example, if you don’t want to go to the bank every month, you may select a quarterly or semi-annual payout on the Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit. If you already have other sources of regular income and wish to think of FDs as strictly an investment vehicle, you may choose the cumulative payout option. The incremental investing opportunity might result in a much larger corpus when high interest rates.

FDs let you cover both recurrent and non-recurring expenditures

There is no telling when a senior adult may need finances, whether for a medical emergency or your child’s wedding. An FD is a valuable asset to have at such a time. You may not only take advantage of the most incredible FD rates today for older folks, but you can also build FDs based on your life objectives. As a result, you may schedule and match your FDs with the bank’s various tenures and encash them properly. For example, if you need to pay for a medical emergency, you may cash out your short-term FD while keeping your long-term FDs producing decent returns.

Rates of Fixed Deposits Offered by Different Banks

Interest Rates on SBI Fixed Deposits

SBI is one of the country’s central public sector banks. SBI FD rates today will be updated by the Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policy.

Staff and pensioners get a greater rate of interest from SBI. For SBI staff, the interest rate is 1% p.a. higher than the general public’s interest rate. However, for SBI senior citizen resident Indian pensioners, an extra 1% p.a. staff interest rate and an additional 0.5% p.a. old citizen interest rate is applicable.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates at ICICI Bank

For senior citizen FD, ICICI Bank gives an extra 0.5% p.a. of interest. Domestic, NRO, and NRE deposits all have different interest rates. The interest rate will also vary depending on the amount.

ICICI Bank provides fixed deposits with and without withdrawal possibilities. Fixed deposits with no withdrawal option will earn somewhat greater interest.

The lowest duration for NRE deposits is one year, while the maximum length is ten years.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates at Axis Bank

Axis Bank provides a fixed deposit option both online and in person. The length of the loan determines the interest rates and the amount borrowed. The bank offers a greater interest rate to older residents, at 0.65% p.a., over the usual deposit rate.

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