Which Marketing Strategies Do Not Work To Sell CBD Products?

As a CBD product manufacturer or cannabis entrepreneur, you must have a plan through which you can introduce your products as branded ones. For that, the marketing experts recommend numerous options to adopt.

However, it has been observed that all the techniques are not successful for all types of industries. It becomes more relevant when we have a plan to market CBD products. There are numerous reasons behind it. For example, many people do not like these products due to the filthy background.

Some governments do not allow selling these products in commercial markets. Even on the internet, many bloggers and websites are not so liberal to allow you to publish these products or publish the content related to CBD products. 

When there is such a situation, the entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry need to be very careful in choosing the marketing campaigns. Some of the campaigns can be beneficial for your business, but many can be damaging both financially and socially. The marketing experts tell you about beneficial strategies, but only a few ones can tell clearly about negative marketing campaigns for the cannabis industry. Here, we are discussing some of those strategies that should not be or carefully used to market CBD products:

Using Social Media Pages and Search Engines For Advertisement

Search engines like Google are not good at market CBD products. The reason is that these search engines do not allow you to advertise those products that can change your consciousness. Although the CBD product manufacturers claim that CBD products do not take you high, still, these products can be used for recreational purposes. Therefore, Google does not allow it.

The same is in the case of social media, especially Facebook. These social media websites are not favorable for CBD products and marijuana. For those who have tried to do so, Facebook immediately shut down the campaigns.

Stereo Typing Your Audience

If you want to make your campaign effective and efficient, avoid all types of stereotyping. It means that you do not need to target any specific audience, as CBD products are effective and beneficial for all age groups, societies, cultures, backgrounds, and regions. The only issue is the legality of CBD products, which is not a big issue now. The reason is that many countries have already legalized it, and many are thinking about it.

Keep The Market Changes in Mind Related to Your Industry

It means that market requirements are changing swiftly. The reason is the customers’ approach. They find new products at such a rapid speed that they cannot stick with a single product for a long time. Marketing and fashion trends also affect the mindsets of the customers.

Even custom CBD packaging boxes can change the minds of the customers, and many companies try to influence their customers through unique packaging boxes. You need to keep all these things in mind while preparing marketing strategies for marijuana and CBD products. Moreover, do not stick with your marketing strategy for a long time. Whenever you find that there is a need to change, implement it immediately to keep addressing the minds of the customers when they come to pick up CBD or marijuana packaging boxes from store shelves.

Understanding the audience correctly is key to success. If you know who your actual customers are, you come to know how to strategize your marketing. Here, we want to mention that CBD products can be beneficial for all age groups. Therefore, your campaigns must not be age-specific. You only need to take care of minors. The remaining people are all your customers.


Do not try to self-glorify. The best practice in this regard is to understand what your customers expect from you. Try to fix your products, which can easily fit into their life. You also need to try their favorite products.

For example, you should identify their favorite types like topical, concentrates, smoking tools, or hydroponics. More importantly, try to identify the actual problems, which they are facing and target their mind through some specific products that can help them relax during the problematic timings.

Routine Failure

Do not try those marketing campaigns, which are routine ones, and other organizations have not fetched their targeted results through these campaigns. Try to come uniquely and focus more on engaging all those customers, who are in search of finding some comfort and relaxation in their lives.

More importantly, do not launch specific marketing in isolation. It means that different options must be a part of your marketing campaigns. In this way, some of your marketing campaigns will be productive while other ones will be average. However, the revenue generation will balance the whole situation, and you will be at a better level after the end of this marketing campaign.

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