Which Types of Plants Are Suitable for Hydroponic Gardening?

There are some necessities to live a perfect life which include food, shelter, and clothes. Food is that necessity of life that gives us the energy to carry out our daily life activities and make our metabolism works faster. So, food is needed for the growth and maintenance of the human body and is the most important thing to survive in today’s world. Animals eat plants for their survival and to grow plants there are a variety of methods and techniques. And one of them from this is hydroponic to grow plants for the survival of animals. In the world where we are living, there are different methods to crop crops and plants fast and efficiently to meet the needs of today’s world. Through this method, you can grow hydroponic plants, as the plants that are growing hydroponically are somehow different from the plants which are growing naturally.

It is a technique of growing plants that uses a solution that is rich in nutrients that are required for the growth of plants using a heavy water base. This technique does not use soil at all in the growth of plants that are used in traditional methods. Total there are 16 nutrients required by the plants for its growth and maintenance which are as follows: oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen are available to the plants from the water or soil. While besides this some secondary nutrients are required for the growth of plants which include boron, iron, manganese, zinc, sulfur, sodium, copper and molybdenum, and chloride also. The three nutrients that are collectively known as NPK- Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. They are available to plants by providing fertilizers to them for growth.

Hydroponic Technique

As you know that this technique is required for the growth of plants. And it doesn’t use soil at all in this technique. You can say that this technique is a soilless technique for the growth of plants which means that certain substances are required by the plants to hold the roots of plants. These are as follows: peat moss, rock wool, perlite, and clay pellets also. Today if you want to create or use a hydroponic system then there are multiple options for you. But 6 of the systems are most popular for growing the plants and their popularity is increasing day by day.

Hydroponic Systems

These systems are more in demand by the world. And their demand is increasing as people get to know more about them. The six systems that are highly in demand are as follows:

  1. Wick System
  2. Water Culture System
  3. Ebb and Flow System
  4. Drip System
  5. Nutrient Film Technology (N.F.T)
  6. Aeroponic System
  • In the wick system, the plants are placed directly with the help of absorbent substances such as perlite and then nylon wicks are used to apply the nutrient solution to plants into the roots of it.
  • In the water culture system, there is no barrier between the roots of the plants and nutrient solution as was in the wick system. The most important benefit of this system is that the nutrients are readily and in freely supply to the plants rather than in short supply.
  • The Ebb and flow system uses a water pump and grows beds to grow a plant. This system is popular among home gardeners to grow plants in the gardens.
  • A drip system uses drip to supply the nutrient solution to the roots of the plants for their growth and the processes occurring in them. You can adjust the nutrient availability or solutions to the plants while controlling it through the drip emitter.
  • The N.F.T system uses a large reservoir to supply the nutrients to the plants. Then from the reservoir, the solution is pumped into channels. There it is allowed to go to the roots of the plants. While the excess solution is sent back to the reservoir.
  • The aeroponic system somehow difficult to build but it supplies nutrients to all types of plants.

Suitable Plants

There are many plants which are grown by using hydroponic systems but the plants which are produced greatly are as follows:

  • Strawberries
  • Lettuce
  • Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Raddish
  • Cucumbers
  • Beans
  • Chives

Besides these, there are many other plants which can be grown by hydroponic technique.  And you can know more about them at Dealzer.

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