White Water Rafting Vs River Rafting in Mamali

 If you’ve were given If you were given a group of adventurous pals, head to the mountains this January or February. Though now not the maximum extraordinary season to go river rafting in Manali, it is pretty a rush for people who love iciness and do not thoughts a sprint of an interesting journey each time. But earlier than that a few necessities that could help you freeze the perfect plan to this wonderful trip.A set of adventurous friends head to the mountains this January or February. Though not the most notable season to head river rafting in Manali, it is quite a rush for folks that love wintry weather and do now not mind a sprint of the exciting journey each time. But before that some necessities that would assist you to freeze the ideal plan to this superb trip. Book your Manali Tour Package for rafting.

White Water Rafting Vs River Rafting

First things first! So white water is the same as river water but with a tinge of foam shaped in it because of rapid go with the flow of water. The river water appears white as the cutting-edge gets aerated and bubbly. This has to clear the confusion for you that both – river rafting and whitewater rafting are identical.

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Why Choose Manali for River Rafting

Beas River gives satisfactory conditions for rafting in Manali

Now that there is no confusion, let’s get right down to Manali’s scene of river rafting. In Himachal, there are four rivers that offer possibilities for rafting — Beas, Chenab, Satluj and Ravi. Manali rafting is typically classified in six categories on the idea of difficulty degree. Beas happens to have the maximum perfect waters for distinctive sorts of rafting. The river has its starting place in the Rohtang Pass and it blesses Kullu Valley on its way down. With the right kind of balance over a stretch of 20 km in Manali, the waters of Beas River for this reason become one of the maximum best rafting alternatives in North India.

Best Time to Visit Manali for Rafting

Grade II rapids in Beas in June and July makes these months the exceptional for rafting in Manali

With the most best currents settings in Beas River, Manali rafting is performed nearly in the course of the year. It is simplest in the course of the acute wintry weather months and months of heavy rainfall that the activities within the river are confined. The fine of the river rafting in Manali takes place in June and July. Monsoon does limit if for more than one months and it restarts with the aid of late October and goes on until early February.

Manali River Rafting Location

There are a whole lot of journey operators en path Manali from Bhuntar

As shared, river rafting in Manali is achieved within the Beas River. The perfect 20 km stretch from Manaki to Jhiri near Bajaura en-course Manali from Bhuntar is one of the first-class stretches for rafting in India. However, there are brief stretches in the Manali place for novice’s degree rafting in the Beas River. Pirdi has a devoted water sports middle that provides for a wide range of adventure sports in Manali. The sports center also arranges for diverse guides in rafting, kayaking and canoeing. So, are you geared up for fine river rafting in Manali just but?

Best Organizers for Manali River Rafting

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Rafting on river Beas in Kullu

The entire course from Bhuntar to Manali is full of journey operators on the roadsides. With an increasing footfall every 12 months, such operators have made adventure sports activities quite convenient inside the region. Rafting In Manali. Visit Kullu Manali, and Adventure Manali are some of the net operators. There isn’t any dearth of such operators in the location.

Things To Carry For Rafting

There are sure matters which can be allowed and are also a ought to in the course of your rafting enjoy. You want not worry approximately your belongings as they’ll be stored in a rucksack throughout the high tides and also you’ll also be allowed the time to click on images and make films. Here’s a listing of what all you may deliver however make sure you percent light.


Personal Medications

Valid Identity evidence

Water bottle


Extra set of clothes

Waist pouch

Swiss knife

Facilities And Cost For River Rafting

Tented lodges on the river bank are famous person attractions inside the name of river tenting and river rafting. Campfires and bonfires are arranged on needs to make nights full of memories. The fee of river rafting in Manali starts from INR 500 to INR 1,000. 

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