Who can see my Instagram Story?

The app has been constantly evolving since Facebook’s maker decided to buy Instagram. In fact, its latest update has become a very popular feature known as “stories”, with many people sharing photos and videos of it every day. And the focus is on this very great, so that we want to know who can see my Instagram stories, either our content to see the receptivity or to know if we can be a spy.

If you don’t know yet, Instagram stories originated from an idea already created on Snapchat, it can be said that they are a copy of this system. And this is because the nature of its features makes the publication as long as 24 hours from Snapchat.

But in addition to the above, you can add pictures, stickers and even emojis to personalize your photos and videos.

What can I share on Instagram Stories?

This feature allows you to upload simple content at any time of the day, just to put on your profile. And all your photos and videos will appear together as a movie sequence that forms your story.

There is no limit within this function; you can upload the amount of photos and videos per day. In this sense you don’t have to worry about publishing more content.

Creativity in Instagram stories

You can put these stories into many experiments and be creative according to your imagination. For those who do not have the time and the necessary knowledge, there are many tools available in this version of the platform to facilitate this work or you can use it too. In addition, you can download it for free or create a table on your Instagram account.

Account types to find out who can see my Instagram story

The visibility of your stories depends on the privacy settings of your account that you give them.

Personal accounts: Only your stories will be able to be viewed for this account configuration. Followers have been approved and will be in a row at the top of the news section from your profile.

For public accounts: Anyone who wants to enter your profile will be able to see your stories, yet, they are endorsed devotees who can get to them from your profile as a column at the highest point of the news segment.

This is a simple way to find out who can see the story on your Instagram, but if you want a more specific way, we can be guided by the one you see below.

How to choose who can see my story on Instagram?

You have two simple and easy options so you can choose who can see your stories and any of them is valid and allowed from the platform itself.

Entering settings

First you need to go to your profile and in the settings or configuration section, select the option “Account”. Later and within a minute you will have to click on the menu “Story Settings” or “Story Control”.

At the beginning of the process you will notice that it appears “Hide history in”, and then you should press this option to make all your contacts appear. Then you can check the list of usernames or usernames you don’t want to see and accept your story. But you have to keep in mind that these people can enter your profile and your publications alike but not your stories.

Hiding last connection time

For this second option you have to open one of the stories you have already published, and then slide it. Once you do that, they will appear to all the people who saw it and next to their username, a small “x”. At this point, you can now choose the person (s) you want to block so they can’t see your stories. And if you want to reverse it, you have to follow the same procedure to reverse what you did.

With any of the above options you can filter your filters to people who want to see them on Instagram, I know why you want to avoid gossip, garden views, or someone who is bothering you in some way. It could also be that you want to make one amazing for someone, that some people know and others don’t.

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