Unlike other hookahs, E-hookah pens vaporize a flavoured liquid. It is ideal for an experience on the move, regardless of where you are; the E-hookah pen is ready to use. E-hookah does not contain any of the tar, carbon monoxide, or other toxins produced when burning E-hookah tobacco, as it is a liquid. 


The E-hookah pen represents a modern evolution of an ancient ritual. It allows you to enjoy the real and enjoyable experience of smoking while looking forward to not stressing about drug addiction or health risks.

The Top Benefits Of E-Hookah Pens

Fruity smell

As the vapour created by hookah pens doesn’t contain tar or the other harmful additives, the smell doesn’t linger within the same way that smoke does. This suggests that clothes, furniture, hair and private possessions don’t become stained with the smell of smoke – a scent that a lot of people find undesirable and may affect the way people interact with smokers.

Smoke Free

The fact that E-hookah pens create a vapour rather than smoke allows them to be utilized in places where tobacco use is frowned upon, restricted or maybe illegal.


E-Hookah pens create a clean and pure vapour that contains no tar, carbon-monoxide or the other toxin. It’s these poisonous chemicals, amongst many others, that are usually related to the health problems that result from the utilization of tobacco and shisha s. As cigarettes and hookah burn tobacco, they create an outsized number of toxic by-products. As E-hookah pens don’t burn anything, they do not produce any of those problems.

Manage Nicotine

Nicotine is the addictive stimulant found within regular cigarette tobacco also as in shisha  tobacco. While not harmful by itself, nicotine creates addiction, which are some things that want to enjoy the flavour. The liquid in an e-E-hookah contains no nicotine.

Distinct, Portable and Compact

Unlike normal shisha s, e-hookahs are small (about an equivalent size as a cigarette). This suggests they will be easily carried around in your pocket or purse for straightforward use on the go – something that might not be practical with a traditional shisha . Also, as they’re small and make a vapour that rapidly disputes, their use doesn’t usually draw much attention, making them reasonably discreet.

A Cheaper Alternative Than Cigarettes

In general, rechargeable hookah pens from https://www.everydayhookah.com/  last for 600-800 puffs. Once you consider the value, using a hookah pen works out cheaper than smoking shisha tobacco or cigarettes.

There are no second hand smokes.

The vapour created by an e-hookah dissipates within seconds. This suggests that there’s no “second-hand smoke” for others to inhale. This is often partly why they’re tolerated in places where tobacco isn’t.

The E-Hookah Pen Works This Way!

E-Hookah pens run through vaporization, where the liquid is being heated to the purpose where it begins to evaporate. This creates a secure vapour that doesn’t contain any toxins. Conversely, shisha and tobacco cigarettes work by burning material. During burning, many toxic substances are produced.


It is these features that have led E-hookah pens to become a classy accessory that’s now often encountered on an evening out. The security, portability, flavours and also the health aspects has led many to prefer the E-hookahs over smoking a shisha , which has been shown to return with considerable health risks.


Unlike normal shisha s that need tons of fixing, E-hookah pens are easy to use. They require no found out and need no coals or fire like shisha s and cigarettes. Take a puff and hey presto!


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