Why Are Indians So Uncomfortable with The Idea of Menstrual Cups?

When was the first menstrual cup invented? The answer is the 1920s. Despite their long, traceable history, menstrual cups are hardly known in India, whereas disposable sanitary pads are the star of the show. Why? Because people have their discrete notions when they order menstrual cups. As compared to the disposable sanitary pads, menstrual cups collect blood instead of absorbing it.

Made of medical-grade silicone, menstrual cups are reusable and exceptionally sustainable for the environment. Then what’s stopping Indians from ordering the best menstrual cups in India? Let’s find out!

Why is using a menstrual cup a dilemma?

The first diagrammatic instructional description of how to insert menstrual cups was mentioned in “The Intimate Side of a women’s life” by Chalmers. Since then, we have come a long way, but women still choose to believe the uncanny stereotypes.

A majority of the Indian society still believes in the orthodox concept of virginity or hymen and women fear that their hymen would be torn when they would start using menstrual cups.

While some women choose to live by the conventional taboos set by society, others feel menstrual cups to be a millennial gimmick. Can you imagine what it’s like to live in 2022 while being unfamiliar with the concept of reusable period cups?

Well, some women still use disposable period products because they have no idea about how to use a menstrual cup or how to get a menstrual cup. Some women even get reusable period cups and stop using them when they find any minor inconvenience in folding or inserting the menstrual cup.

What’s the solution?

The sheer evident solution here is education and awareness about menstrual health and hygiene. Women in Indian society can become more open to the liberating idea of menstrual cups when they understand how to use them. Besides cups should be normalized. Even now when a woman purchases pads from a pharmacy or any general store, the pads are covered in newspaper. Why?

Well, the reason is an embarrassment. Sometimes the menstruator is embarrassed about her periods, while the other time the shopkeeper tends to think of menstruation as some impure or sinister process while they must consider it as a normal biological phenomenon.

The bottom line

Irrespective of whether you have ever used a menstrual cup or not, start searching for the best menstrual cup in India now. Why? Well, people will always have a say in what they want and what they don’t. But, you must do what’s right for you. Order a menstrual cup because you deserve to have a comfortable period.

When your cramps are tormenting you and your mood swings are killing your vibe, a slipping and sliding pad is the last thing that you need in your life. Get a menstrual cup and bid adieu to your leakage issues. Menstrual cups can be worn for about 8 hours, so you can be stress-free about your periods, once you get the hang of using period cups.

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