Why Are Online Classes For Chinese Language A Better Option?

The primary aim to build an online learning platform is to attract learners so that they can avail your services. For online tutoring, you just don’t need to be a good teacher but also a good marketer. No matter how good your content is, if it is not promoted well there will not be people reading it. It does not mean you can compromise on content, of course not… but you are required to work on promotional strategies by following best practices.

In this article, you will learn how to build an online presence and create marketing strategies for your online tutoring platform. By the end of it, you will know how to reach your target base and how to increase it.

Create an SEO and mobile-friendly website

To make your website SEO-friendly, you are not required to be a tech expert but you can do basic keyword research, work on meta text, and make your landing page content SEO-friendly. This can be done by doing a basic google search and you will know what people are searching for. Also, make your website responsive to mobile devices because most of your audience is going to look at your content on their cell phone. For this, after writing a piece of content, which is usually done on a laptop or desktop, check how it looks on a mobile device. While you are working on the SEO front, running paid ads like Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter will extremely benefit your portal. These paid campaigns are very specific, as they will target audience of a particular age, geography, location and keyword searches basically people you are looking for.

Make a Social Media Presence

You can create pages on different social media platforms even before launching your online platform because that will help you to create a buzz and eventually will help you to drive traffic when your platform will get launched. Share relevant content like posts, videos, stories, tweets, etc. Most importantly, create a different marketing strategy for all social media platforms. For example, you are an online mandarin tutor Dubai then search for things that people who are into languages are looking for like their purpose of learning mandarin, the age group they belong to, and since you are an online portal you can teach somebody who lives on the other side of the world so places around the world where people will be interested to learn the language you are an expert at. You can create posts that will help create curiosity about the language, personalized stories to humanize your brand, funny tweets about the language, and informative videos. This is one way to go about it, of course, you can come up with something new and can check how that is working out for you. In the analytics section, you can analyse the trend of your audience as well, which will help you in further optimizing your marketing strategy.


Blogging brings value to your customers since you are an online platform you can not just talk about your brand but also about the business you are in. It is a way to indirectly bring customers. Let’s again take the previous example of a language tutor, so with informative and creative articles about language history, grammar, learning tips and more, you can promote your brand name. All the people reading your articles are not your customers but at least they are becoming aware of your brand. If they will not avail your services, they might at least suggest someone who is looking for a language tutor. In marketing, following some practices might not give you direct business but it will definitely build brand awareness.

Create Videos

Videos are more effective then articles especially if you are in the education industry as it is believed that it is easier to retain something if you watch rather than read it. Have your articles in place because that will help in the keyword search and people who want to read and learn can do that but also mould these articles into video formats. Learners are active on YouTube and with videos, you can better explain a topic, increase your subscriber’s list, in turn, your presence. Videos also increase your credibility and create a positive outlook in the minds of your target audience. With free educational videos, your possible students can know how you to teach and how valuable is your content, therefore, it works like a free trial.

There are other offline modes of promoting your online tutoring platform too like putting up flyers where students can see them, print media advertising, word of mouth, etc. Whatever mode you are choosing, ensure that your strategies are working in your favour and if not then you amend them. It is not just about advertising and promotion Londonlender .

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