Why Creativity is Key to Business Expansion

When you are the owner of a business, you set out to make a profit. You hope to share what you have to offer with consumers, filling a gap where others have failed. You need to do more, be better, or do something that no one else can do in the same way. It all comes down to the power of your imagination, your resources, and your team. If you really want to see your business expand, creativity is king.

You Don’t Want to be Stale

You’ve heard the expression, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Many business owners go by this philosophy. They figure that they have a good formula that is already working. While this may be true, you need to have a growth mindset for business. Don’t accept the status quo. Look at what you do well already. Take it up a notch as you find ways to improve what has already been going well for you. If you have already had customer loyalty, find a way to reward them. Encourage them to be your street team as they draw more consumers your way. Don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons.

You Need to Expect the Unexpected

If you have a creative spirit, you’ll be better prepared to embrace change. The past year and a half have proven that the world can be turned upside down in ways you never could have imagined. If something unforeseen rocks you on your heels, be quick to spring back. Talk to your team of staff members to think outside the box. When you pick their brains, you can find solutions you wouldn’t have come up with by yourself.

Be a Problem Solver

Problems are going to arise on a daily basis when you run a company. They’ll range from minor annoyances to major upheaval. Your creative spirit won’t panic or let your business come to a grinding halt. You should immediately start thinking of ways to work around the problem, manage it, or go in a new direction. This is the time when you pull in people on your staff who are quick on their feet.

Get Ready to Ride the Rapids

There are going to be times when you’ll feel like everything is moving at breakneck speed. You might not be able to catch your breath right away. Someone else might go with their first instinct to have an anxiety attack. A creative individual looks at the big picture, finding the positive in whatever life throws at them. If you can’t go in one direction, you take a left. The right is always waiting for you as well. Back up. Get a new perspective so you can push forward.

You’ll be More Persistent

Creative individuals don’t let the pitfalls stop them. Quitting is not in their vocabulary. You might get discouraged when something goes wrong. Give yourself time to regroup, find your drive, and get back to it. Your efforts will be rewarded when you come out on the other side. Remember that the only way you are going to fail is if you don’t get back up after you have been knocked down.

Innovation is Your Friend

When you are creative, you will be willing to spice things up in your business. It might mean an overhaul of office space, design, or work responsibilities. Consider canvassing your staff to find out if anyone would like to try something new. Try a new work week, like four days on and three days off. A happy, well-rested staff will be able to put more into your company. Consider sending more of your staff members to home offices as they do their duties in a remote capacity. You may find that you have employees that are much more productive from home.


If you have always been a dreamer or someone who saw things in a different way from everyone else, embrace this part of you. Your creative spirit can help your business to reach new peaks. Band together with others like you. Your company could go farther than you ever dreamed when you first ventured out into the business world. This is your time to soar.


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