Why Do Custom Websites Perform Better than Template Websites?

It can be a confusing and difficult task to purchase a website. Different sites have different features and costs. As per the needs of a website, its business model and budget, some pros and cons are associated with these. Custom websites and templated websites are basically two categories of sites. Some companies are comfortable with custom websites and some other companies are comfortable with website templates. Now I will describe in detail why custom websites perform better than template websites.

  1. Your budget for the website – Don’t think about saving money if you want to invest in a website. It represents your brand in a comprehensive manner. You may have some marketing initiatives and want to do branding then you can consider this as the central hub for these. It is basically the place where you will be available 24/7 and the visitors can easily find you. It will be considered as a sound investment if you invest in a high-quality site. You cannot get a cheap custom website of good quality. If your budget is not so big then you can’t afford a high-quality site. Go for a template-based site if you have $20,000 or less. A pre-packaged design comes with a template-based site. You don’t need a designer or developer to do all this. But there are some limitations associated with these. The limited quality of these sites is that on the surface, these look functional and clean. So, purchase a custom site if you can afford it.
  2. Time needed to build a site – You need a considerable amount of time to create a custom site. As per its complex features and size, you can launch it in 2-4 months. As it involves a large number of moving parts, the process of launching it cannot be done at a fast rate. Several complex tasks need to be performed for custom sites and these are: development, design, optimization, testing, photography, copywriting, wireframes and planning. To perform these tasks different types of people are needed. A website template will be your requirement if for an event or a product launch you need a site and you want it as soon as possible. It will be good for you to go for a single-page site or a temporary landing page or a website template if you want to launch a site and you have a time of 2 months or less.
  3. Brand of your site – A custom site can help you to position the brand of your company on the site. On the other hand, if you want to position your identity or personality on a site then the necessary personalization cannot be provided by a template-based site. In order to represent your brand in a most comprehensive way, you need a site. Your brand story can come to the light with this central point. Suppose you want to convey the advantages of your brand then you cannot do it easily with a template-based site. There are so many restrictions in this process. It is also possible to emotionally connect with the customers and have a unique experience if you use custom sites. It is possible to create brand loyalty and build trust with the connective experiences of this type.
  4. Functionality of your site – There are only a few chances that on a desktop as well as on a mobile device a template-based site will perform well. These days the usage of the internet is more than half for bringing the traffic if we use mobile for accessing it. A custom site is perfect if you want to do an ecommerce business with it. The ecommerce model requires a necessary backend but in order to accommodate it the required flexibility is not present in the template-based sites. It is important to know that just by putting a malicious code the hackers can hack the sites that are template-based. But it is not possible for the hackers to easily hack custom sites because of their unique development. One more thing to understand is that it is not possible to get a good user experience with template-based sites. As a result, the customers are not happy with these kinds of sites. On the other hand, custom sites give a very good user experience. This will help you to capture leads and make the sale of your items. As a result, the conversion rate will increase with these sites.
  5. Scalability and flexibility – Template-based sites have several characteristics. Some of these characteristics are useful to you and rest are useless. Suppose you want to enhance the website’s functionality, then coding conflicts can occur. Most of the things that you need at present can be provided to you by template-based sites but as your trade expands then what will you do? The site can take more time to load because of the extra features that are useless to you. As a result, when the number of visitors to the site increases then it worsens the site’s functional limitations. But if we use a custom site then we find that it is comparatively more flexible. It provides all essential features under your budget. It will not only fulfil all your current needs but will also adapt to the business that grows. Now if the number of visitors increase here then it will not affect the functional limitations of the site.

Conclusion – On the basis of certain facts you can easily determine whether a template-based site is good for you or a custom site will be your choice. You will not feel so much difficulty in reaching a decision. Custom sites are perfect for the businesses whose timeline and budget are not limited. Now when it comes to scalability, functionality and brand expression then you will find so many limitations associated with template-based sites. The money that you will save in the beginning will be wasted with the passage of time and some additional money can also be wasted here. On the other hand, if you want to grow your business and give a unique identity to your brand then a custom site is perfect for you.

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