Why GIIS Is the Best Ranked School in Wakad Pune?

Being one of the finest educational hubs, Pune boasts several eminent schools within its territory. This city has become home to several international schools in wakad Pune, featuring unconventional education systems and SMART campus facilities. One such eminent international school is Global Indian International School Pune (GIIS). 

Global Indian International School Pune is ranked as one of the best schools in the area. Situated in Wakad, this school has gained immense popularity for its exemplary academics and brilliant sports facilities. Its professional faculty and well-organized management system make it stand out from other schools in Wakad, Pune. The following are some other reasons why GIIS Pune ranks in the first position amongst the best schools in Pune. 

SMART Campus

The GIIS Pune has a tech-enabled campus. This means that the students and the faculty can access data whenever they need it without worrying about digital connectivity. Besides, it also has an attractive interior designed to help students adapt to modern teaching. The campus area also has modern labs, audio-visual rooms, dance studios and others to give the students the finest campus life. A unique aspect of this school is that it promises to impart traditional knowledge in modern settings.  

Outstanding Academic Achievements

Another reason why GIIS Pune is regarded as one of the best schools in Wakad is its outstanding academic achievements. Over the years, many students have enrolled in GIIS Pune and have passed with flying colours. Many have excelled in their board examinations and competitive examinations and have obtained excellent results in their tests throughout their academic life. 

International Curriculum

GIIS Pune offers Montessori curricula for kindergarten and renowned CBSE curricula till grade 9. The curriculum is set up strategically, keeping the international standards in mind. Therefore, it goes beyond the regular syllabus and provides more vital concepts for the growth of a child’s mind. Every academic subject in the CBSE curriculum is covered in great detail by the expert faculty, and students are encouraged to explore their interests in the subjects they enjoy most. Additionally, their award-winning 9Gems holistic framework is tightly woven into the CBSE curriculum, which enhances the student’s academic achievements and helps them develop skills required to thrive in the modern world. Undoubtedly, all these make GIIS is one of the best preschools in Wakad, Pune

Scholarship Programs

Global Indian International School Pune also offers Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship for students who cannot afford their education. Their main aim is to bring academic excellence to deserving students by providing them with financial assistance to achieve their goals. 

Life Beyond Curriculum 

Besides the school’s quality education, it also ensures students have a fabulous school life experience outside their everyday studies. Therefore, they have many extracurricular activities and events that the students can participate in to enhance their personalities. Also, they have parent engagement sessions so that the parents stay updated on the student’s academic progress. 

Thus, Global Indian International School Pune is considered the best preschool in Pune. GIIS Pune has continued to strive among the high competition and has provided premium educational services throughout its establishment to date. Besides, it has also kept up with technological advancements and has catered to every student’s needs. It is the best school in Pune that aims to imbibe great values among every student. 

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