Why is approaching a dietitian a good idea?

Our diet has a great contribution to our everyday life. The kind of food we eat, by some means, moulds our behaviour and is truly reflected in our personality. However, many people fail to understand the actual concept of dieting. Dieting does not refer to cutting down on your food intake and surely does not suggest skipping meals. It is essential to be cognizant of the idea of dieting and how one should implement it in one’s life. Balance is a necessary element of a healthy life, and a diet is effective when it is balanced. Many people go for the approach of a Nutritionist In Ludhiana to maintain a healthy diet regime. It is better to consult the Best Dietitian In Ludhiana in order to avoid following the wrong patterns of diet. 

Reasons to approach a dietitian 

Changes in lifestyle, not just diet. 

A dietitian works on learning about you and your lifestyle in order to design a personalised diet plan for you. As we have always heard that every person is different from one another, it is, in fact, undeniably true. If you believe that for weight loss, any diet plan can work for anybody, then you are mistaken. Every individual’s body functions distinctively, and the dietitian creates a diet plan for you, keeping note of this point. Dietitians concentrate on your lifestyle and habits to frame a diet program just for you.

Dietitian visits are a good motivator.

Knowing that there is someone to scrutinise your progress and goals is also a good source of motivation. It makes you want to achieve your goals before your next session with your dietitian to examine your progress. Your dietitian can also guide you on the ways you can track your habits and direct your attention to the things that you are not implementing correctly. 

Everyone is a dietitian. 

In this world of influencers, everyone is willing to give you advice on something that they don’t even have expertise in. If you search on social media, you will encounter a number of unqualified people giving out advice on how one should maintain their diet. It is better to approach a dietitian who is registered and can be trusted unquestionably. Dietitians ask you multiple questions regarding your lifestyle, health issues and so on to design a plan for your diet. Dietitians study to incorporate knowledge of designing diet plans for you that would not worsen your health issues that can be a chronic disease or some other problem. One thing that is healthy for one person might not be healthy for another; this is where the dietitian puts in his knowledge and the reason why you consult a dietitian.

What are good diet habits?

  • Avoid sugary drinks. Take low fat-milk and water instead
  • Throughout the day, try to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Choose food with fibre. Whole grains like whole wheat, oatmeal or brown rice are good options
  • Protein is important. Add a different variety of proteins to your diet, like eggs, meat or soy products
  • Don’t skip any meals throughout the day
  • Choose the appropriate portion size
  • Prepare your meals at home. Don’t go for unhealthy food from outside
  • Indulge yourself in some physical activity or try to walk wherever you can

Dangerous signs of inappropriate diet

  • Dieting when not overweight and not consuming enough calories
  • Using supplements or pills for diet
  • Unruly eating. Sneakingly eating or eating out of control
  • Fear of gaining weight
  • Feeling dizzy and lightheaded as a result of eating less or not eating at all
  • Using laxatives or vomiting after eating

Skipping meals and cutting down on food might make it seem like you are losing weight; you just start to lose the water in your body, and not providing enough nutrition to your body results in weakness and other health problems, so it is better to follow a plan by a bona fide expert. 

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  1. Dietitians provide recommendations based on scientific knowledge and provide accurate information to individuals, beyond current nutritional trends and misinformation. In addition, dietitians teach basic nutritional principles such as the combination of nutrients and portion control, which helps individuals develop healthier eating habits in a sustainable way. As a result, contacting a dietitian is a very important step in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle, achieve nutritional goals and improve overall health. The expertise and personalized guidance of dietitians can help individuals develop more conscious and healthy eating habits.


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