Why Is Skill Gap Analysis an Essential Process for Businesses?

Skills are the bread and butter for businesses. Personnel skills matter and can influence the productivity of an organisation heavily. In today’s world of inclusive management processes and equality, the maintenance of a sound organisational culture is essential. The best way to ensure high morale in your workforce is by assigning employees jobs they know how to do.

Doing this requires an adequate skills profiling and management process. Thus, if you’re seeking to enhance your business’ productivity and upscale, skill gap analysis and competency profiling process, are two essential processes you’ll need.  

Skill Gap Analysis

A skill gap analysis helps you determine the different skill requirements within your organisation. It allows your HR team to assess and analyse the gap in skillsets and job role requirements using the following steps:

  • Assessing the requirements for each job role in your organisation,
  • Assessing the current skillsets possessed by your employees,
  • Matching the skillsets required to the skillsets available, 
  • Determining the gap of skills that prevail in your organisation, 
  • Implement recruitment, training, or development programs, to add the essential skills to your organisation’s portfolio.

Thus, a skill gap analysis with help from a leading online ESM software that uses a custom skill taxonomy can help you improve the productivity of your organisation. 

Competency Profiling Process

The competency profiling process is a rather unique one. It takes into account behavioural aspects of employees and assesses their suitability for different roles. For instance, if employee A exhibits leadership behavioural attributes like critical thinking, decision making, team spirit, etc., you can assign them as a team leader. Alternatively, if an employee portrays skills such as time-management, stakeholder management, negotiation, etc., you can incorporate them as a manager in your firm. 

Behavioural competency profiling helps you assess the personal attributes of a person. It guides your decision making regarding core employment positions. 

Thus, if you’re seeking to enhance the productive output of your organisation, we recommend getting a skill gap analysis. Following this, you can undertake a competency profiling process to assess employee suitability for various job roles. This system also helps your HR department plan for talent management needs in your organisation and set successful and accurate succession plans.

Go online and search for the best SaaS-based skills management tool and catalyse growth for your business today. Boost employee morale and create an organisational culture that’s highly productive.


  1. Can I be successful without skill gap analysis and the competency profiling process?

Yes. You can be successful without skill gap analysis and competency profiling, however, the success may take days to arrive. With these systems in place, you can become successful in a limited time. 

  1. Where Can I Find such a Software?

You can find such software online. Search for the best ESM SaaS-based software and get yourself access to a robust suite of skill management tools. 

  1. Do these processes boost employee morale in organisations?

Yes. These processes help in boosting employee morale as they allow you to focus on specific employee needs.

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