Why is Verizon Email Not Working?

Verizon upgraded its few features and came back as a new and advanced version after the email service after 2017, when Verizon was declared closed with a substitute explanation of focusing on other services such as Television, Internet etc. Verizon was infamous for providing a package of entire essential features that a free email service supplies

With the new upgraded version of Verizon, many users have complained of facing problems regarding Verizon email not working. Verizon improper functioning is not a new or exotic issue, it keeps on happening frequently with many users. If you are also going through a Verizon email issue and getting panic out of it, then no need to worry you aren’t the only one facing such an issue with Verizon webmail.

Why is Verizon Webmail not Working?

Verizon not working could be because of many reasons but the most common is the improper setup of your account. However, you need to look for other factors too which are resulting in the malfunction of your Verizon email account.

List of factors responsible for Verizon not working

  • The Verizon version you are using currently is outdated due to which it is not able to support new features.
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable and properly connected. The improper network can interrupt the functioning of Verizon email
  • must check on server settings
  • While login, make sure that all details you enter are correct and matches with the information you have registered already. 
  • SSL disable causes disruption in working of Verizon. Make sure to enable SSL
  • Insufficient storage should be avoided as they become an obstacle for further import and export of data or emails. 
  • Clear Cache and Cookies from time to time.

How to Fix Verizon Email not Working Issue?

  • Remove the app from your device and re-add it again. This is the most simple and working method to fix your Verizon email 
  • Update your Verizon account with the latest version for the smooth functioning of Verizon as it’ll be able to support all the new features of your Verizon account 
  • Make sure your server connection that is SMTP and POP are updated and verified. Improper settings in IMAP and POP can be a major reason for your Verizon email not working
  • While logging makes sure you are entering the correct credentials and always use the suffix of @aol.com or @verizon.com domain name.
  • Enable your SSL certificate security from settings. It is recommended to check your SSL settings whenever you to your Verizon email
  • Good connection of the internet is a must as disconnection or interrupted network will bar down the functioning of Verizon webmail.
  • Keep your device clean by clearing Cache and cookies as they act as an obstacle and barricade the proper functioning of email
  • Delete and remove all the unnecessary emails and spam from your account and make space for the new one. 

Through these above-mentioned methods, you will be able to fix your Verizon, not working issues.

How to Fix any Verizon Email Login Issues

  1. Must have proper connected internet service while logging in
  2. Password should qualify every demand of upper case, lowercase and special character
  3. Clear cache, cookies and history and make a refreshing sign-in attempt.
  4. Remove all the third-party apps running along while signing in as they create obstacles to sign in.

That’s it! You can try the above method to solve your Verizon email issues effectively. Therefore to your surprise, Emails Crunch has brought to the ultimate guide and solution of why Verizon not working and how to fix it. To get updated with such technical information and solutions, stay in tune with it.

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