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For me, it’s incredibly vital to follow a diet that consists primarily of organic foods. On this blog, I have previously discussed why I believe everyone should go the organic route. By limiting exposure to chemicals, not only will our health benefit, but so will the health of animals, the environment, the land, and the water. Chemicals are highly harmful, and our bodies are a living laboratory for them to study. Since we are the long-term case study, we do not have a good understanding of most of their long-term impacts.

Experiment with something new.

Because our grocery store doesn’t carry a large variety of certain vegetables, we often overlook them or don’t even consider buying them. Even after a few years of receiving our boxes, we have had the opportunity to sample a wide variety of veggies, some of which we had never heard of before! The week before last, we were given our first shipment of tomatillos. We used never to buy fennel, pak choi, Swiss chard, or kohlrabi, but these days we eat them regularly, along with a wide variety of other veggies. Also, take advantage of the organic food box delivery services available.

Surprise yourself

When using Abel and Cole, you can choose which goods will go inside your box, and I will admit that I have used this feature. At this point, all I do is wait for whatever is in the package to come through the organic food box delivery service. It makes things a lot more exciting, and we have no idea what kinds of vegetables we’ll have for the week. There is never anything that stands out as genuinely offensive to us, and instead, we focus on consuming everything on its whole. Rather than purchasing the same vegetable week after week, this fantastic alternative will allow you to try new things.

Directly to your front door, delivered

When you buy fresh organic produce online, the fact that it is brought to your home every week as part of a sustainable subscription service in the UK but that you are free to terminate your membership at any time is the most convenient aspect. You can also put things on hold while you’re on vacation. They leave stuff in my secure location when I’m not there.

Help save the environment.

When you buy fresh organic produce online, it helps reduces the number of chemicals that are used around the globe as well as by humans. All of these chemicals that are sprayed on crops eventually make their way into the soil and are carried away by water, which ultimately has an impact on water resources all over the world.

Less packaging

The significant decrease in waste is one considerable advantage. Almost all the food I order is delivered in an open box made of cardboard. There is a relatively low amount of plastic, most of which is recyclable. Riverford is working toward the goal of having all of its plastic be recyclable as soon as possible. The primary boxes are going to be taken away by the driver, and they are going to be reused a few times before finally being recycled. We hardly have any trash left at this point. Our recycling can need to be sent to the dump once every two weeks, whereas our recycling bin is only emptied once every six weeks.

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