Why private violin lessons are better than group violin lessons

Should I enroll in group violin lessons or private violin lessons? This is a question that many prospective students usually ask. Specifically when they are a beginner to violin and not sure about their goals and plans to go about learning the instrument. However, the answer to that question does depend on your goals. There are pros and cons to each. Professional violin teachers will usually suggest private violin lessons for better progress. Group classes are better for social experiences or music skills like improvising. If you are looking to start your journey with the goal to master the violin, private lessons are the way to go. 

In this article, we will discuss what are several reasons why private violin lessons Singapore options are better than group violin lessons. 

Private violin lessons will help meet personal goals. 

You will be able to receive your instructor’s full attention for the entire lesson when you choose to enroll in a private violin lesson. Violin lessons Singapore schools often offer both options to give you a choice. Group violin lessons may have its benefits such as meeting other students, however, the teacher pays attention to all the students in the group as a whole. This is where attention to detail will lack. Private violin teachers will plan your lessons according to your specific goals, learning style, and needs. This way, you will be able to progress further as and more conveniently because the violin school Singapore class is tailored for you. Practicing in your own spare time at home will also account for the progress you make when learning the violin. According to research, students that do take private violin lessons tend to make faster progress towards their own goals than students that take group violin lessons. 

You will not be able to have the same level of individual focus when taking a group violin lesson. They don’t offer individualized instruction, therefore teachers usually don’t go into detail about how you are playing and if you are using the proper techniques. The lesson is usually predetermined and will have to balance the needs of other students as well. In this case, every student’s goals, ages, learning styles, and abilities are different. 

Private violin lessons are one-to-one. 

Another good factor about private violin lessons is that they are one-to-one. You won’t have to worry about playing in front of a room full of people. Especially if you are a beginner or just starting out the violin. If you are not very confident about your skills and abilities to play the violin, then private violin lessons are more for you. Many beginners struggle with nerves and are not ready to play music in front of others just yet. With just a private violin instructor and the student, there is nothing to be afraid about. 

Private violin teachers have met and trained many students with different abilities. They are aware of different learning paces. They will give you encouragement and will not make you feel uncomfortable in any situation. Violin lessons Singapore schools tend to have more students join private violin lessons for this very reason. Group violin lessons can be intimidating for many. Whereas, private violin lessons will give you the opportunity to practice and work on your skills before playing in front of others. This will remove all pressure for you at the beginning of your violin journey. 

Private violin lessons can provide more growth. 

Every individual or student functions and learns differently. More specifically to children ages 4-15, the differences in learning capabilities are wide. Also, if you were 20-year-old learning to play the violin, you will have different learning abilities than someone that may be a retiree. Therefore, having a group class of students with the exact same learning styles and needs may be hard to find. Violin lessons Singapore institutions will have group lessons to enhance social skills between the students so that they could learn to play as an ensemble. However, if you are really serious about learning the instrument then the best option would be to do both types of classes. 

When it comes to group violin lessons, teachers must compromise and must attend to each student’s needs and balance them as a whole. It may be difficult to balance sometimes though. For example, let’s say one student was struggling with a certain part of the song, however, the whole class had no issues with it. Therefore, the group violin teacher will have to help them and make the other students wait. In other cases, the violin instructor could let them continue playing while leaving the struggling student behind. 

In private violin lessons, you won’t be finding any of these issues. It will be the best choice for you if you are looking to make great progress towards your violin goals. Students don’t often have personal attention when it comes to group classes, therefore they may learn the instrument incorrectly and from bad habits. The mistakes that are conducted in violin lessons in Singapore group classes can often go unnoticed. If the teacher does not correct the student’s mistakes, how would they ever learn? 

In summary 

Private violin lessons are often better when it comes to showing real progress and meeting goals. They are more serious and all attention is focused on you. If you plan to really pursue violin as a beginner, it is suggested to enroll in private violin lessons first. That way, once you are more familiar with the proper techniques and musicianship, you can also choose to go for group violin lessons consecutively.

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