Why Question Pattern Varies Every Year For CFA Level 1?

The CFA exam is written by a more number of people each and every year. This is the exam that can be cleared when you have good knowledge of financial reporting and analysis, quantitative methods, fixed income, and many others. If you are the person who wanted to get the CFA charter professional credential, then it is necessary for you to clear the level 1, 2, and third exams. These test series will be more valuable and will be the pillar for getting a good profession in the future. The CFA level 1 question paper is prepared for paper-based testing. In the computer-based testing, you will review the question in that device.

What is the duration of the paper-based testing?

In the paper-based testing process, the students should have to shade the right answers in the paper. The question paper consists of the one twenty questions forte every three hours session. Thus you have to write both the morning and afternoon sessions to complete the examination. Totally you have to write the 240 questions to clear the level 1 examination. The topics that are covered in the examination will be in the syllabus, but this examination is not the easiest one to clear without good preparation.

You have to be well prepared before attending the exams. Each of the questions are the multiple choice, and so you have to solve the question by using the rough paper. If you are well prepared with the mock tests, then you can simply write all the questions within three hours. Speed and intelligent thinking are the must one for clearing this examination. The question papers will definitely cover all the syllabus relate topics, and also, only when you are thorough of topics will you able to clear the exams.

How long the computer-based exam is takes?

For the computer software base examination, you have to write it for 2 hours and 15 minutes. You can either take the break between the two sessions or not. Each session will have multiple choice questions that are related to financial management, portfolio, investments, and others. Only when you have a clear idea you can easily answer the question that too, even when the question is tricky. It is not easy as the paper based exam as you will not get even a single minute for the examination. 

The CFA level 1 question paper for the computer-based will also include the multiple choice questions. On the computer based you will receive the total of the 180 questions that are written within 135 minutes. In each session, you will get the 90 multiple choice questions. The formats of the question that comes in both the tests are the sentence completion with three choices and also the questions with three unique choices. The students need to use the calculator, and also they should have been clear in using it. This will help the students to attend all the mathematical questions in a few seconds.


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