Why Shopping for Youth Baseball Bats Is Tough, but Important

There are quite a few guides out there that will give you a step by step process for picking out youth baseball bats as a part of the process of shopping for a young player. They give you steps for taking measurements, accounting for projected growth, and even give you subjective methods for assessing the weight and balance of a bat before choosing it for the kids, as an appropriate match.

This particular article is going to step back and take an honest approach to presenting some of the difficulties you will experience as a parent shopping for a youth bat for a young player. Some of these difficulties you will share with the young player himself or herself, so it’s important to be sensitive to them.

It’s also important to be aware of them so you can do the best job possible. It will affect not only the performance of the young player but also his or her confidence as he grows, and that’s nearly as important. Some might say it’s more important.

With no further explanation, here are some of the challenges that will present themselves while you are shopping for youth baseball bats:

  • Young players are always growing, making it hard to size a bat.


  • Young players are also getting stronger every year, and their preferences for weight drop may change.


  • As players become more familiar with the game, their batting style and habits may shift drastically.


  • Confidence is low among young players, and that can make them reluctant to speak up about features that do or do not, appeal to them.


  • Young players still need to learn that sometimes the winning player is a pitcher or a fielder, and not a batter. That’s something that it takes experience to recognize.

Now let’s take a look at why this all matters so much: 

  • Selecting a bat that is poorly matched to a player’s skills can have terrible consequences on confidence.


  • These are the formative years when skills need to be instilled. Bad habits formed early on will remain throughout much of a career and will need to be unlearned.


  • Picking out a good bat can light the spark of enthusiasm that can propel a young player to success. It’ll also just make the game simply more enjoyable.

Now that you can see just how and why it is so important to do your shopping diligently the first time, go check out those other guides that tell you just how to do it.

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