Why should you use Microsoft Word 2019?

The most widely used word processing platform is Microsoft’s Word application. Along with the new updated Microsoft’s suit, the Microsoft Word application has also been updated. Word 2019 comes with many new features that facilitate you with easy and fast working on documents. 

Why should you use Microsoft Word 2019 for word processing?

Being the most widely used word processing software, Microsoft Word 2019 can be used for many purposes. The following are some of the uses of this platform:

  • You can share your Word document with others over OneDrive.
  • You can capture and add a screenshot directly to your document.
  • To avoid any spelling errors, the platform offers the spell checker tool.
  • To make your document visually effective, add visual effects to your text.
  • It will let you know the availability of other users sharing the same document.
  • Not just one but many users can work on the same document simultaneously.
  • The newly added SmartArt diagrams allow you to create a more appealing document.
  • The speech-to-text tool allows you to type as you speak that reduces your typing efforts.
  • In case of any lost information, you can recover from the previous versions of the document.
  • You have the ability to convert your drawing into a shape, text, or any mathematical equation.
  • If you don’t get the languages of the shared document, you can translate it into your native language.
  • While working on a document, you can browse anything related to your topic within the application with the help of the Navigation Pane.

What’s new in the Microsoft Word 2019 application?

The Microsoft Word 2019 application has many new features that can be used to reduce your efforts. It is the most popular platform for processing documents. Check out the following points for knowing the new features of Word 2019:

  • SVGs: The new version of Word allows you to insert icons and SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) to your document. You can change their effects, colors, and manipulate them based on your requirements.
  • 3D Images: You can insert the 3D models to your document and rotate it to any angle up to 360 degrees.
  • Digital Pen: You can draw and write in a natural way using the digital pen. It is a customizable tool that uses a pen, pencil, or highlighter to do this job. Not only can you write using this tool but you can also convert the drawn item into text, shape, or even a mathematical expression.
  • Audio Cues: The audio cues allow you to guide as you work on your document. We all know that sound effects enhance productivity. So this tool comes in very handy while working.
  • Side to Side: This feature helps you to view the pages of a document side by side. It avoids the scrolling of the entire document.
  • Learning Tools: This tool facilitates you to read the document aloud. It will reduce your efforts to read and continuously look on the screen. You can work on other things while going through your Word document. It highlights the text as it is read. 
  • LaTeX Equations: To add any mathematical equation, use the LaTeX syntax. It makes it easier to add different symbols in your mathematical equations.
  • Built-in Translator: This tool helps the people who are not aware of the language used in the document, that has been shared with them. It converts the text of the document into their native language. This makes the sharing of the document much easier and bound free as it removes the language barrier.
  • Accessibility Checker: This feature has been updated from its previous version. It has improved support for international standards and convenient suggestions for making a document more accessible to people with special abilities.

The Microsoft Word 2019 application is updated from its previous version, which is Microsoft Word 2016. It not only makes your work easier but faster and trouble-free as well. It is useful for people of all ages and professions. Students can use it for their projects and employees can use it for maintaining their official documents. You can even create your resume using Microsoft Word 2019.

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