Why the Size of a Litterbox is Important for Cats

Are you ready to buy a new litter box for your cat? This is the kind of purchase that you should not take lightly. It will be up to you to do all that you can to meet the needs of your cat. This will include making sure that they get a litter box that they can fit easily into. Here are the facts on why this is so crucial.

How Big Should Your Litter Box Be?

The first thing you will need to do is make sure that the litter box you buy for your cat is the right size. Your best bet in this regard will be to buy an extra large litter box. The size of the box should always be relevant to the size of your cat as well as the dimensions of the room. Extra-large doesn’t need to mean huge.


Most cat health experts agree that the size of the litter box should be about 1.5 times more than the total length of your cat. The width of the box should likewise be roughly equal to their total length. This measure will change if your cat is still a kitten. You should therefore plan on getting a bigger box.


The dimensions of the box as given above are crucial for a number of reasons. The first and most important is that your cat will need plenty of room to move around while they are in the box. Your cat has an instinct to claw around and dig. This lets them satisfy the instincts that they have gained in the wild.


Keep in mind that your cat will want to dig in several places. This includes other areas than merely the center of the litter box. They will also want to turn completely around to face all of the various directions. Doing so allows them to stay alert for potential hazards as they engage in their business.

How to Avoid Routine Litter Box Hazards

There are other reasons why the size of the litter box you buy for your pet will be crucial. You want to make sure that the box doesn’t function as an avenue to create messes all over the house. One of the biggest sources of trouble can occur when your cat gets angry with a too-small box and kicks litter out of it.


The best way to make sure your cat won’t kick litter is to follow the sizing rules listed above. It’s also a very good idea to get a box that has higher sides. Some litter boxes come with a shield that is built to keep litter inside the box even when cats kick. If your cat doesn’t kick, it will also keep them from accidentally tracking it.


If this problem continues to recur, you may also try getting a large litter box that comes with a handy cover. This gives your cat a bit of extra privacy that they may appreciate. A bit of cover can reassure an angry or frightened feline. It also creates a natural barrier that keeps cats from kicking out litter.

A Larger Box Keeps Your Cat Happy

You want your cat to be well socialized and at ease in every part of the house. This naturally includes the place where they do their most private business. Cats are used to digging a hole outside and quickly covering it up in order to conceal their presence. The box you choose needs to be able to meet this need.


The larger the size of the litter box you get for them, the better. Your cat will feel that their needs are being respected. This will put them in a happier mood. A contented cat is one that won’t kick litter all over the place.

Getting the Right Sized Litter Box is Crucial

The health and safety of your cat should always be your first concern. You also need to make sure that your cat is comfy when they do their business. This is why you need to get them the best sized litter box. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to ensure this. A box that is large enough to move around in is perfect.


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