Why Use Apparel Business Management And ERP Software?

As we already know that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software. This software helps you in making every process related to your business easy and completes it in an efficient and effective manner. This software is a mixture of different types of tools that are used in performing different types of activities that will increase your company’s growth. You can plan your decision, manage your resources, check the actual profits and losses of your company with this tool. Some important features of this software include product planning, parts purchasing, maintaining inventories, interacting with suppliers, providing customer service, and tracking orders. It usually works on your database, however, it does not directly tell you how to make plans and take decisions but it does more than that, it gives you reports on the basis of which you can make future plans regarding your business.

Why use Apparel ERP software?

The answer to this question is simple, we need this kind of software in our company because it maintains all the different types of departments under one software. It brings coordination among different levels of management. This integration increases the productivity of the company.

Well, there are many other reasons to get the Best Apparel ERP software for your organization. Some of its advantages are given below:

1. Multiple Dashboards

    a. Visuals dashboards are good for analyzing data.

    b. It gives you a bird’ view across all the factories.

    c. You can check the status of the team with this.

   d. The coffee table dashboard is used to send the daily morning reports to the upper management.

2. Message From The Admin

   a. Admin can send messages and instructions to its juniors regarding the product or order.

    b. You can schedule a message for a particular date and time.

    c. Message can be sent directly within the ERP.



3. Inbuilt Email

  a. It helps in seamless communication through email within the ERP that saves your time to go to the external mails like yahoo, Gmail, etc.

  b. Emails can be organized into different categories according to their feature which makes them easy to communicate.

   c. Separate email tabs for internal, buyer, supplier, and vendor communication.

   d. You can directly send new offers to the buyer within the ERP.

4. Unique Style Dashboard

    a. It keeps records of the user’s styles and preferences.

    b. You can view styles of different buyers under one dashboard.

  c. The task can be given to the team according to style and you can also track the progress of your team in the Style Dashboard.

   d. Handle all your approvals from a single screen.

5. Product Development

    a. Whole PD workflow from Buyer Techpack to Proto Sample and Style Costing.

    b. The modules included in this are material, cost, and vendor finalization.

    c. To make supplier communication fast and easy, templates are already given.

6. Management of Order

    a. Import of buyer purchase orders is available in this software.

    b. Right to see the size, color, and lots of the buyers’ orders.

    c. View your customer’s outstanding or received payments.

  d. Directly share the purchase order with the supplier and they will tell you the shipment details.

7. Find the perfect Vendor

    a. Separate module for vendor outsourcing.

    b. Pre-designed templates for communication with the vendor.

    c. Comparison list for vendors rates.

    d. Automatic purchase order creation after vendor finalization.

8. Warehouse Management

    a. Keep track of available stocks to fulfill the present orders.

    b. Simply track deliveries and shipments of every purchase order.

    c. Communicate with supplier for purchase order confirmation.

    d. Check rates and products costs for the purchaser order against the cost sheet.

    e. Keeps eye on reject materials and also tracks the payments of reject materials.

9. Keep Tracking

    a. You can track hourly, daily and weekly progress in this software.

    b. Manage vendor orders.

    c. Automatic reminder on late customer orders and critical activities.

10. Reports Generation

    a. You can create various types of reports as there are many templates are already provided for different types of report generations such as WIP Style-wise, Fabric tracking, warehouse and inventory, employee performance, factory performance reports, and many more.

So, these were some basic functions of Best Apparel ERP software. If you are planning to implement one of this software in your organization then you should connect with one of the best ERP development companies in India– De Box Global Solutions.

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