Why You Should Always Adopt Pets from Rescue Shelters

Adopting a pet can make your life more enjoyable. There are few things as awesome as coming home to a furry friend that is excited to see you. There are a lot of options for where you can get your pet. However, there are several reasons why you should consider adopting from an animal shelter.

Improve the Life of an Animal

Several animals in a shelter would make amazing pets, but they just need a second chance. These animals have been given up, abandoned, or lost. Through no fault of their own, they are unwanted and are going through the world helpless. When you adopt an animal from a rescue, you are giving these gentle souls a new life and a loving home.


There are not sufficient homes for all of the animals that are born each year. There is a pet overpopulation cycle that repeats itself year after year. As a result, up to 12 million pets are euthanized annually because there are just not enough homes for them. Getting animals from a rescue shelter breaks that overpopulation cycle.


You have likely heard about puppy mills. These are facilities that practice mass breeding. Thousands of these puppy mills and backyard breeders produce animals so that they can sell them to pet stores or sell them in newspapers. The sad reality is that in order to pump out more kittens and puppies, these facilities repeatedly impregnate female cats and dogs. These animals spend their entire life in cages with little or no human contact.


These mills keep pets in the worst possible environments. Once the animals become unprofitable, they are put down. When you adopt a shelter animal, you are not supporting these cruel and inhumane practices.

Enjoy the Unique Experience of Adopting an Adult Animal

Everyone wants a kitten or puppy. However, they overlook how awesome it is to have an adult pet. Most adult animals are already trained. You don’t have to teach them how to use a modern cat litter box. You don’t have to teach them how to sit, heal, or play dead because they already have been taught these things.


One of the most frustrating things for new pet owners is going through the puppy phase or through the kitten phase. This means teaching a youthful and inexperienced animal not to chew, bite, or claw.


Another nice thing about adopting an adult animal is you know what you get in advance. The animal is not developing a personality. it already has its personality. You can spend a little bit of time with the animal at the rescue and will get a feel for the animal’s personality before you take it home.


When you adopt from a rescue, you are not going into the situation blind. The people who work at the rescue want their adult pets to be adopted. They are going to provide you with the resources and information you need to have the best possible experience with your pet. They are a readily available source of information on several issues from questions about pet health to pet grooming to pet food.


Adult pets are usually less expensive as they have already been spayed or neutered. They have all of their puppy or kitten vaccinations.

Animals Are Treated Well in a Rescue

Since caring volunteers run rescues, you know that the pet you adopt has been treated well by experienced staff. They have already gone through a behavioral screening process. You will also know in advance any health issues the pet you adopt may have.


Most animal rescues will charge a small fee. These fees will cover some of the expenses of the rescue. However, the adoption fees for purebred animals are a fraction of the price you would have to pay if you purchased a purebred puppy or kitten from a breeder.


Several benefits come from adopting a pet from a rescue shelter. Not only do you help the pet you adopt, but you also help yourself. You have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the animal you adopt is coming from a reputable place. When other people see that you adopt it from a rescue, your good example may encourage them to do the same.


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