Why You Should Use TiAlN Coated End Mills

Milling tools have to deal with a lot of wear and tear. Whether you are cutting through steel or softer materials like wood, operating at high speeds means that your tools will be dealing with high temperatures. High temperatures can fatigue your tools, especially tools made from metals like steel. Using carbide end mills is one way to ensure that your tools can handle the strain of high speed machining. Another way to deal with higher speeds is to use TiAlN coated end mills that are designed to deal with high temperatures.

There are a wide range of end mill coatings, each serving its own unique purpose. These coatings are typically extremely hard and offer an extra layer of protection for your cutting tools. Some coatings, like ZrN are designed to help lower the coefficient of friction of your end mills, which can be extremely beneficial for certain machining applications like milling aluminum alloys. Other coatings like TiAlN are designed to help improve tools that will be used for high heat applications.

Coatings are applied to end mills using a process known as physical vapor deposition. This process involves taking a coating material and vaporizing it in a vacuum. The vapor is then recondensed on the surface of the tool, creating an extremely thin coating. One huge benefit of this process is the fact that, due to taking place in a vacuum, the coating is able to bond directly to the body of the cutting tool without any gaps or air being trapped between the two surfaces. This leads to coatings that are solid and will last significantly longer than coating that have been applied using electroplating and other manufacturing processes.

TiAlN also known as titanium aluminum nitride, a coating that is used to protect tools operating at high speeds and temperatures. Using TiAlN coated end mills comes with a lot of advantages. By itself TiAlN offers incredible thermal stability, and this actually increases as the temperature of the cutting edges rise. At higher temperatures TiAlN coatings will form a protective aluminum oxide layer of the surface of your tools. This helps to deflect heat away from the tool and into the chips as they are evacuated.

This effect can help to provide a longer tool life, especially for end mills that are being used to cut through hard materials like stainless steel or cast iron. The increased stability at high temperatures will help to increase wear resistance for your can get more done without having to worry about replacing your end mills as quickly as when you work with uncoated tools. If you have been frustrated with the performance of your uncoated tools, now might be the time to invest in some properly coated milling cutters.

If you are looking for some end mills for sale, it’s important to make sure that you are investing in high quality tools that are built to last. One place where you can find TiAlN coated end mills is Online Carbide. All of their cutting tools are manufactured using high quality tungsten carbide tool stock, a material that already offers superior heat resistance. The ceramic content in carbide tools makes them one of the best choices for high speed machining. When you combine carbide tools with a TiAlN coating, you have milling cutters that are built for speed. To see all of Online Carbide’s end mills and drill bits, check out their website at www.onlinecarbide.com.

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