Why Your Door Hardware and Accessories Matter

When you think of designing your home interiors you would want the most sophisticated, contemporary, and stylish furnishings and fittings. There is no compromise on the looks and quality of the furniture and décor of your dream home. Whether you are redoing your home interiors or designing your new dream nest, the choice of hardware and accessories does matter a lot!


Have you given due importance and focus to your door hardware and its accessories?



Have you made sure that your interior designer has incorporated door fittings and accessories in their interior décor plan?

One must always choose the best quality, style, and finish for the appropriate door hardware. Aesthetics are an integral part of doors also as the right mix of complementary hardware is a must-have for the type of door you dreamt of. The right choice of door material and the right hardware go hand in hand and give the complete look to your home interiors.

It would be an understatement if door hardware and accessories do not get the treatment they deserve. Much like the unsung heroes of home décor!

They are functional for you the whole day and adorn your identity to the outside world. They are one of the few elements that we touch many times a day. Hence the look and feel, besides the precise functioning are all imperative for the door to stand out besides providing its protective functionality.

A good design takes meticulous planning and thought and is not just a floating idea. Architecture enthusiasts, interior designers would know better than others that the door plays an important role in safeguarding our loved ones from external elements. Selecting the best materials is of paramount importance as it will elevate the look of your home.

The door hardware and accessories complement the décor of your dream nest and that is why you need a door Hardware expert – SIA. Doors need thoughtful design and should be precisely placed to mix with your home interior décor. It is your unique signature style statement and hence the need for aesthetically designing and placing the door and its accessories.


There are many styles and kinds of door hardware and accessories that adorn the market currently. Getting the right hardware to make it the spotlight of your abode goes beyond precise planning and placement. There are a plethora of options to choose from hand-forged iron, stainless steel, to luxurious bronze.


Why wait?

Let’s get going for the right hardware solutions from SIA and pamper some love to the doors that hold your dream fortress together. Additionally, doors are the first points of visual and tactile contact with a home. The door hardware fittings and the accessories make an everlasting impression. Doors that are less technologically advanced and aesthetically out of touch with contemporary standards can compromise safety and visual appeal.


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