Why Your Kids Need to Know About Global Awareness

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Teaching your kids about the world out there is an excellent way to get them ready for life. By letting them know about the various cultures, belief systems, and backgrounds will help them embrace those differences with ease. That familiarity with and comfort in navigating those differences will set your kids apart from the rest and allow them to achieve future success, whether in their personal or professional lives. 

Here is more of what you need to know about your kids and global awareness. 

What is Global Awareness? 

At the heart of global awareness is the understanding of one’s civic duties not just as a person or individual but in relation to a global context. It is all about respecting and working with students from culturally diverse backgrounds, religions, and more. For some, it might also involve learning languages other than English to communicate better with others. It also includes building a better understanding and grasp of the many different nations and cultures that are out there in the world. 

Why does it matter? 

Global awareness helps your kids understand how different we all are and that those differences are all right. They grow up with a perception that is inclusive of all people. They know the value of that difference; that we all bring something different to the table. Your kids grow up knowing how to communicate well with people who are not like them, and that helps them build relationships that enrich their life. One way to make this happen is to let your kids attend schools that teach all about that awareness like the GIIS in Dubai.

How does the right school help? 

These are the many ways through which your children can gain an awareness and appreciation of the world around them. Choosing the right school helps immensely, too. 

  • Language Learning 

Many international schools offer language learning courses. There is nothing like learning another language to teach your kids about another culture. Many of the words, for instance, have meanings deeply rooted in that culture and country. It is nearly impossible to separate the history of a country when you learn its language. It is also one way for the kids to travel while the world is still recovering and dealing with the coronavirus.  

  • Geographical Knowledge

The awareness that there are many countries in the world with their own religious beliefs, cultural practices and traditions as well as language is often fascinating to kids. It gives them an idea of how big the world is. It expands their view of the world and of life in general. A lot of people do not think beyond the corners of their world and they could be missing out on a lot because of that. A good school will help instill this awareness in your kids. 

  • International Sports

Exposure to international sports is another excellent way for kids to appreciate the different games and the many ways they are played all over the world. For instance, South America plays soccer differently from Europeans. Recognizing those differences allow your kids to enjoy the games fully. 

  • Festivals, Holidays and Occasions 

Learning about festivals gives an insight into the kind of celebrations that a country and culture have. It is a cultural experience, especially since many of these festivals involve food. While the pandemic means your kids will not get to go out of the country and enjoy some of these festivals in person, there are plenty of materials online for them to check out and explore. Whether

  • Books and Music

Books and music are another way through which your kids learn more about a culture. For instance, no one can deny the popularity of South Korean boy bands and girl groups. Some, on the other hand, love reading Murakami’s stories and they give a glimpse into how Japanese people live and regard life. 

  • Travel

It is true that you haven’t lived until you’ve seen other parts of the world. There is nothing like landing in the middle of a place you’ve never been, walking around trying to talk to each other using your meagre grasp of the local language, trying out the food, and generally seeing how other people live their lives. 

A good school cultivates an appreciation for that because it opens up your children’s eyes to the simple truth that the world is so huge and there are so many opportunities out there. Knowing how to interact with other people they meet will help them make friends, build connections, and create a life that will fulfil them and make them happy. The kids who succeed are not the ones with the best grades but the ones who can navigate the differences they have with other people as best as they could. 

Start teaching your child global awareness. Look at the educational focus of their school to see if they are being introduced to these concepts. 


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