Winged venture creating strides in the mechatronics arena

Founded in 2019, Lohia Mechatronic Private Limited has quickly become a prime name among the leading players manufacturing thickness measurement and extrusion die control systems. An enterprise with a vision, Lohia Mechatronic Private Limited has achieved great heights under the able leadership of SiddharthLohia who rose to spearhead the firm’s journey after serving his family run business for quite some time in various positions. The success story of the person behind this venture and the growth of the firm have been closely intertwined and have become startling examples for others to emulate.

SiddharthLohia passed out from the University of Illinois, USA in 2007 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Upon his arrival in India, he joined his family owned company Lohia Corp Limited playing different roles including those of an engineer, head of electrical and electronics design and manufacturing, head of mechanical design, R&D chief and some others before ending up as the chief technical officer of the firm.

Acquisition and birth of a new venture
SiddharthLohia went in for an acquisition in 2019 buying the plastics segment of SBI Produktion tech. Anlagen GmbH & Co KG, Austria. Following the acquisition and the resulting merger, the segment was renamed as SBI Mechatronik GmbH. The Research and development and production facilities of the firm are located now in the vicinity of Vienna, Austria. SiddharthLohia now occupies two positions namely Managing Director of SBI Mechatronik GmbH and Chief Executive Officer of LohiaMechatronik.

Principal offerings
The principal product line of the company bifurcates into two segments namely thickness measuring systems and extrusion die control systems. Under the former category, the products manufactured are LM gauge x-ray, LM gauge capacitance, LM gauge shadow, and LM gauge laser triangulation. Under the second category of extrusion die control systems, the firm is offering LM die bolt. In each of its offerings, the manufacturer has closely packed, superior technology, unfailing performance, adherence to quality standards, right pricing and a reliable product support. This has thoroughly distinguished the firm from the rest of its competitors securing a leading place in its industry domain.

About the company
LohiaMechatronik’s success story is made possible through its dynamic team that has accomplished production engineers, customer service engineers, software engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers. The unbeatable services, prices and technology that LohiaMechatronik provides its customers have made this firm one of the most trusted and highly sought after firm for the range of products it specializes in.

The founder chairman spearheading the success story
Right from the founding of the company, SiddharthLohia has been inspiring the firm’s growth, diversification, development and technological advancement by providing his technical expertise, insight into the industry segment and experience in the global business space. His dedicated effort and commitment to the company’s growth have helped push forward the firm’s prospects to the front line in their industry segment besides being able to provide their customers access to cutting edge technology that has eased the way they approach the relevant technology.

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