Workmen Compensation Insurance

Workmen compensation is most important for the workers and labors. This insurance assures labors security and welfare.

Pakistani Law

According to the Worker’s Compensation Act, 1923 an employer become liable to pay employee in case of any accident and injury during employment.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are the most important part of any working field. Employees are the key assets of any industry and business. Without the labors benefits anyone of us can’t get efficiency and effectiveness in our work, I think workmen compensation insurance is one of the top employee benefits.

Labors are Reason of Success

Every business man notices that the reason of success is their hardworking labor. This is the most considerable and essential point that only highly motivated employee work diligently. The motivation of employees and labors depends in the benefits which they have in their job.

Labors Tough Life

Our society’s labors are the true picture of poverty stricken. Our government system is also not as such effective to give extra incentives to such people. In underdeveloped country like Pakistan the wage rate of labors is very low. This low wage rate hardly fulfill their bread and butter. So in this situation how could they pay and afford the extra expenses in case of any emergency and accident?

Our labors inferior conditions is burning aspects of our society and their condition become from worse to worse because government and private sectors do not pay attention to them. 

In Case of Accident and Emergency

In Pakistan the precautions and preventive measures are just formality no one of us take it seriously and no one follow this. The result of this negligence and avoidance labors have to face severe conditions in the form of accident and emergency.

Employee Compensation

In case of the accident and emergency workmen compensation insurance assist and aid the labor. In this employer will bear the expenses and gives medical benefits to the client.

Workmen Compensation Insurance

In the case of major accident no organization and employer afford such large expenses at that tough situation only workman compensation insurance will help the employer.

What is Workmen Compensation Insurance?

At the first point we need to educate ourselves about the workmen compensation insurance. Many of us don’t know about this and even our labors don’t have proper knowledge about their rights. Workmen compensation insurance is the type of insurance in which employer will compensate in the case of any accident and emergency with employees or labors during employment.

Insurance Companies in Pakistan

There are many insurance companies in Pakistan which offers worker’s compensation insurance. One of the top insurance company of Pakistan is The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited offers vast range of coverages in workmen compensation insurance.

The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited

The United Insurance Company of Pakistan limited is the highly top ranked insurance company in Pakistan and it offers many different coverages in this insurance package. According to its mission of serving the best to its clients UIC offers leading and superlative coverages for workmen compensation liability.

In Summation

Workers are the most expensive and highly important assets of any organization. So that’s why labors and employee security and protection is the fore most duty of every employer. The labors should also educated themselves about their employment rights. For the safe employment workmen compensation insurance is compulsory.

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