You can Climb Mount Kenya if you have any skills in mountaineering

Are you passionate about mountain climbing? In Mount Kenya, Africa you have one of the topmost summits with varying climatic conditions and you can try your skills by coming to Kenya. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions for people who visit the country in search of adventure. You could also sign up for one of the mountain climbing trips in Kenya with your African Safari tour organizer and make the trip. the mountain, second only to Kilimanjaro in terms of height, has 1 summit measuring over 4,900 meters and 2 summits over 5, 100 meters and you can try and capture one of those summits to add to your achievements as a mountaineer. 

The mountain trips are not just for professional or technical climbers but also for newcomers who have the will and enthusiasm to climb the heights. You will get a climbing guide at the base that could be arranged by your tour operator before you come here, so you are not delayed or inconvenienced in any way. If you are able to climb over 4,500 you are ready to capture Point Lenana which is the lowest of the three summits. The guide deputed to you will arrange gear, food, and mountain climbing accessories and all you need to do is to follow him and will scale great heights.

There are other forms of tour services offered by the African Safari tour organizers and that is the farm tours services in Kenya which will take you into the interior of the Kenyan farm landscape and show you what Kenya has to offer in the form of farming. Quite a few important types of farming are done by the locals and they include coffee, tea, and dairy farms, snake farms, crocodile farms, and plantations where you can see the process of cheese making, tea, and coffee. Sign the best tour operator for your Kenya Safari and contact Ashford Tours & Travels on phone numbers +254 20 3341101 or +254 20 3341102 or +254 20 3341103 Cell: +254 722742799 or by to book your Kenyan tour program.   

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